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Frozen foods from all food groups are available, including vegetables, fruits, dairy, protein, and even whole grain items. Using frozen foods can save you time as well as space, since they can all be stored in the freezer.

Myths and Facts:

Myth: Frozen dinners are not made with real ingredients.
Fact: Frozen meals can contain very high quality ingredients and some might have even been prepared the way you would have made them at home.

Myth: Frozen foods come ready to eat.
Fact: You should follow the directions on the package for safe handling, storage, and cooking methods.

Myth: Frozen meals are bad for the environment.
Fact: Since you can store frozen foods longer and portion them out depending on how much you need, you can use what you need and save the rest for later.

Myth: Frozen food is more expensive than take out.
Fact: Meals you can purchase at restaurants can be offered as frozen meals.

Myth: Frozen meals are not as good for you if you are worried about healthy eating.
Fact: Frozen meals offer many healthy options. Some frozen meals provide information that make it easier for customers to control how many calories, fat, saturated fat, and sodium they take in.